We are DG-Apps.

You and I working together. I am a mobile development consultant, dedicated UI/UX designer and frontend iOS developer focused on bringing your ideas for mobile to life.

Who am I?

I am a designer and developer based in Tokyo bringing mobile ideas to life. With decades of experience and skill, and your idea we can development full-fledged applications at an affordable price.


Creative Director






Extension of me


The path from idea to application is dark and full of terrors, but I can help. Even if you have no design or development experience, I can work with you to make your idea a reality. And make sure you stay in the loop every step of the way.


When it comes to building applications, design is one of my top priorities. An attractive design with a well-crafted UI (User Interface) makes all the difference. I don't just make apps that work, I make them an experience people want to use and share.


Have a design for an app, but lack the coding skills required to take it to a device? I've got you covered. With experience in both front and back-end development, I can get your app up and running quickly. I can even take care of the submission process for you.


I also offer a variety of consulting options. Whether you're looking to build an app, checking the feasibility of developing one, or your not sure what kind of app would help your business, I can help. My background of app development and business insures that the advice I give is solid, supported by facts and practical.

How it works.

1 We start with a simple consultation to learn more about your needs. I look over what you have and what you need. Then draft a development road map that minimizes unexpected issues and maximizes your idea's true potential.

2 With a plan in hand I begin designing the app using the latest in industry-standard software. These designs make the ideas tangible. I can even make interactive designs that you can try on your device. And I keep you up to date during the whole process so you are never left wondering.

3 After you've approved the design, the real work begins. I start coding your application. During this process you can be updated and even test the application yourself. During the coding process, I employ continuous integration to insure an always testable application for you to experience. Want to know how your code works? No problem, I can take the time to walk you through it.