PT: Tip Calculator v2 is almost here!

It’s been a while but finally Tip Calculator v2 is almost here!

Why the long wait? Well, other work got in the way. No other excuses. And since I had to update the app to display better on iPhone X, I figured it was a good day to do a bit of an overhaul of the app.

So what’s to expect in this new version?
ADs! Full-page advertisements every time you tap a button!!!! 🤦🏻‍♂️
Not really. I don’t like ads.

What’s really happening is this:

  • iPhone X support (some display issues popped up with the new device)
  • A new look (expect this with the PT series of apps)
  • Icon Animations! (This is really exciting for me)

Sure, the iPhone X support is important, but the kid in me is super excited about the animations! I’ll probably improve them in the coming months, but I really wanted to get something in place to make the app more fun to use.

The app is in review now, so expect the update in the coming couple of weeks. Just keep checking the App Store. Of course, I’ll post the announcement here as well.