(Dev Post) New CocoaPod for winter

Cocoa Pod

Happy 2017! Thank you for all the support last year. I’ve received a lot of wonderful feedback about the apps released this past year. And a few great ideas for some new ones!

As work on 5 Words a Day continues, I had the opportunity to create a CocoaPod. If you’re developing for iOS and you don’t know what CocoaPods are or have been afraid to use them, you’re truly missing out on some time-saving advantages.

CocoaPods are frameworks that developers can install in their projects that include pre-build code. These can range from boilerplate things to advanced networking capabilities.

While working of 5 Words a Day, I needed to display notifications to users with they receive an award. It seemed like something I might also need to do with other apps in the future, so I decided to make a CocoaPod named DGNotifyView.

As the name implies, DGNotifyView allows the developer to easily create in-app notification views. These views can be customized to include images, have rounded corners, and even be presented at the top or bottom of the screen from up to 6 different locations.

It was a fun side project and I hope to have the time to improve it in the future. If you’re interested in using DGNotifyView or you’d like to build on it, go fork it. And if you like it, give it a star.

Happy coding!!