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Lesson Recorder

When it comes to learning, why limit yourself to a standard voice recorder? Lesson Recorder was made just for you.

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With Lesson Recorder you can record your lessons, add notes and even include instructors’ names and materials used.

When you add an instructor or material, it’s saved in the app. There’s no need to enter the information again.

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It looks good, but it’s more than just a pretty face.

With Lesson Recorder, you can even customize the default recording title so everything fits your needs perfectly.

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The Apps

PT: Measurement Converter

Don’t waste your precious time searching for the right size during your overseas shopping spree. PT: Sizing Guide uses international export/import standards to help you find the size that’s right for you…fast!

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Tipping Calculator App image

PT: Tip Calculator

One of the most stressful things about traveling is figuring out the tip. With this simple tipping calculator, you’re never left guessing.

PT: Tip Calculator also includes a handy guide to help you tip like a pro!

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PT: Sizing Guide

Quick! How many stones in 36 kilograms? If you’re not sure, then this app is for you.

Designed for travel. PT: Measurement Converter is a reliable and fun way to easily convert weights, lengths and volume.

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Lesson Recorder

Don’t miss a thing with this customizable lesson recorder.

This elegantly designed app saves the names of your instructors and materials. Take your learning to the next level.

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How Many Fingers?

A simple guessing game that’s hard to put down! With thousands of downloads and counting why are you missing out?

Now with Wild Card Mode, the fun doesn’t stop. Get a high score and impress your friends!

Available Now

Clarkie Clock


Learning to tell time has never been so much fun!

Clarkie Clock gives your children an interactive way to learn to read a clock. With a variety of ways to interact, Clarkie Clock can be hours of learning fun. And he should know…cause he’s a clock!

Available Now

Other Stuff

3D Touch Tester

A simple app designed to register the 3D Touch sensitivity of iPhones 6 and up.

Available now

5 Words a Day

This English learning app helps you build your vocabulary 5 words at a time.

Coming 2017 to the App Store


More information on this one coming soon!

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